winter sun

winter sun

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Observations and conjecture

What CAN'T the computer do. I sense something big is happening. People are relegating KNOWING ABOUT things to the computer. These days bigger and more complex processes, mathematical calculations, and massive amounts of data can be handled simply by pushing a button to execute a series of commands. We don't need to know how or understand why it happens.

Here's a great example: a music professor at Stanford (where else?) is turning iPads and mobile devices into instruments. He says, you don't need to know HOW to play an instrument with his aps, you just MAKE the music by tapping and interacting with the devices. (Who would want to spend years of their life learning to master the piano classics when jamming and creating something new is so much fun?)

Well that's it. My big observation. People won't need to know a thing. People will just DO and CREATE. Computers can't do or create by themselves.

What do you imagine the implications of that are?