winter sun

winter sun

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Just not sure?

It's here! The go ahead for the new website is in your hands. Where do you start? There's so much that we have to pour into our websites these days and you don't want to leave anything out—I understand.

Maybe the agency has just delivered a shiny new website design for your approval and something doesn't quite feel right. You're wondering whether the agency is pulling the wool over your eyes. You're just not sure about all of this.

These are the kinds of problems that I solve—strategy, information architecture, and usability. 

I get it. Pressure from colleagues and constituents can be immense. They want you to include everything, but usability studies show that too much information turns people off.

  • How can you be sure what to leave out and what to leave in—is it the right stuff?
  • How can you be sure that you are keeping users happy and giving them rich online, tablet, and mobile experiences—the kinds that turn stumblers into returning loyal customers? 

I know, it's confusing. I'm here to help you figure out what you want. 

But honestly I have to tell you, I am not right for everyone! My doctorate is a rare degree concentrating on interactive learning and human emotion response to design. In my consultancy I work for a few select clients every year, and for those select few, I do an extraordinary job—I only work for clients that I want to work for and for those who want to work with me. Is that you? Drop me an old fashioned email at Let's get this conversation started.