winter sun

winter sun

Friday, August 10, 2012

What inspires my Typography + Emotion research?

Report follow-up to my presentation at SOTA's TypeCon in Milwaukee August 5, 2012— There are multiple goals for my research--I want to help normal people cut through the clutter of our noisy visual world. I want to help people understand the visual language of design (and type) so that they can understand what other people are trying to say through design and so that they can apply typographic controls to design their own communications. I want to help designers to produce creative works that connect better with their audiences in order to influence behavior (e.g. brands that inspire loyalty, packaging that sells better, learning designs that stay in memory longer, highway signs that help people avoid accidents, etc.). All of those goals rely upon understanding what design structures influence, motivate, persuade, and inform people's actions and behavior.

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